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It Finally Arrived

Retired CSM

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After a long wait and a lot of angst, the new pony showed up at the dealer today.



Welcome to team shelby, I'm the village idiot there's always one on every forum. I love the color scheme really nice go luck and remember With great power comes with great responsibility !!!


Qouted from Billy Idol or Jim Belushi :drool:

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WELCOME to TeamShelby!


Your car is very unique looking! However it is 'bittersweet' for me. I am still angry with Ford to this day, as my order of my '07 white coupe with Vista Blue stripes was denied the charcoal / red insert interior, due to the Vista Blue over-the-top stripe add. I questioned it then, as I do this day. Oddly, that first year they did'nt offer hood/decklid stripe to Vert buyers either...which subsequently changed???


This doesn't make it right either, but the General offered the 1996 GrandSport Vettes with a Blue exterior/Red interior. Some would argue that was a bit much...a full-on red interior.


I just didn't see any harm on a slightly accented red interior in my case. Oh well.


Enjoy that beauty, and let us all know how that lightweight motor performs!

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