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A Little Help From The People In San Francisco, CA

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Well, I am in San Francisco for a 3CX VoIP Training at Microsoft. Wonder if Bill will be coming in? lol The class is not until tomorrow, but why not come up a little early. After landing at SFO and taking Bart to the Powell Station and a brief walk to The Mosser Hotel, I decided to take a trip to The Fisherman Wharf.


Here are a couple of photos for reseach...




Then you have the battle of the COLOR...






And finally there is the bushman on the streets...



Bushman's job was to scare the people walking by. Now I am off to Chinatown for some late night action...



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I loved San Francisco. The issue was everyone on the street wanted a FREE smoke from me. Seriously, a FREE smoke. Come on. I can barely afford to smoke for me and everyone still wants a smoke for yours truly.


Leaving SF, the flight was delayed by 1 hour. I went for almost 4 hours without a smoke. The TSA line was over 30 minutes long and now way was I going to miss the flight. Sure glad that I had my Sprint HTC EVO and I was sharing my “Hot Spot” with a couple of others for access to the web. If fact, on Friday at class for the 3CX VoIP PBX at Microsoft, the access to their wireless was full due to another Microsoft Partner, there was no more access to the web. I turned on my HTC EVO and I had 8 classmates on my “Hot Spot” and they were impressed with the speed. I love my EVO…





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What are you doing up so late...LOL??? I never see you on during my hours Tom,...





I am going to the Brea Classic Car Show in Brea. I was thinking of the same thing with you...



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My wife and I were just there last month. We watched the Bushman scare people walking along the boat dock. A few women really freaked out when he jumped out at them. Good way to get pepper sprayed! :hysterical:

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