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New Shelby Convertible Top Boot


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I got one with my car new; don't they come as standard equipment? Takes about 3mins to install, fit and finish is very good; looks super neat with it on.





Hey BORG, the one that comes with the car is cloth. This is a new vinyl version that is supposed to look like leather. More like the one's Ford used to include with the Cobra verts. I was thinking this might look good with the interior upgrade.

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I got mine back in 06 with mine and believe me, my car came with almost nothing extra.



I assume yours is the Ford cloth one? not a vinyl version like the one that Shelby is now offering?

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Anyone tried this out yet? Just wondering about fit and finish...


Shelby Convertible Top Boot



Go figure I just bought the cloth one from my Ford Dealer a couple weeks ago.


I bought my vert used with 1200 miles on it and they did not have the top boot.


I paid around $330 for the cloth one but that was with using the SVT discount.

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Everyone with a vert should have received the Ford cloth boot with their car. I am talking about the new version from Shelby that is vinyl and has the Shelby lettering on it. Just wondering if anyone has tried this new one out yet. It looks like it would match the interior better than the Ford version.

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