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Anyone heard from C6 boy (Ruf)?


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Easy, men. I'm right here!


I've got a Monday night class at University.


I'm looking at an '07 with 1LT and Z51.


Roller Boy - please don't - I promise to forget about your 8 wedgies. :hysterical2:



Your going to get rid of the Rufstang for a vette??? :ohsnap:

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90 - thanks for the SRV pic!


I'm kidding about the Vette - that was only to get a rise out of Roller Boy.


I'm in love with my hot rod.


And - I've got my hands full just keeping it off the repo-man's hook!


No problem Ruf. This pic looks better than the other one.



And I knew there was no way you were getting rid of the Rufstang, too much time and energy invested to part with her that easy.

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You are very correct!


I've had it a little over 4 months now. But every time I buckle up and twist the key - I smile. Every time I walk toward it - I smile. Every time the rear breaks loose in 2nd gear - I smile.


I'm still working on smiling after a 93 octane fuel stop, though....

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