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Serious Sirius question


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Okay folks, I let my Sirius run out last year and know I got a great deal to re-sign, only problem is they told me to turn the radio on Sirius channel 184 for the signal..... since the radio is inactive I can't change the channel once I go to the Sirius side. I can change it on AM/FM but not once I hit the aux. button I can't do anything. Any suggestions?

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Mine will pick up channels 184 and channel 1 only when it is turned off....I'd give them a call if you can't switch channels and ask them to help....they are usually pretty good over the phone...




Well, so much for customer service....I just called, wanting to switch the remainder of my subscription over from my car to my wife's car since I haven't listened to mine since I installed the Muffler Deletes and her's expired this week.....


Well, first lady I talked to was very cordial and willing to do everything...lost her due to storms in the area....


Called back and second lady informed me that there would be a $15.00 charge for switching the subscription to another radio....I told her to just forget it and she asked "Do you just want to cancel you account?" Well, Hell Yeah I do!


The cancellation department asked me if there was anything he could do to keep my business....I told him that with the piss poor customer service that I had just experienced, NOT A CHANCE!!!


Refund will be sent within 7-10 days.....

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