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New 2011 Shelby Vids!

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I just love the vids of these beautiful cars cruising the country roads. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that I own the car I'm drooling over in the vids.


Thanks for the links.


I feel the same way... :) Going from owning Corvettes for the past 7 years, the driving experience is allot more fun in the Shelby! Plus I get to enjoy it w/ my family more having 4 seats!


I have to say, even though I like the SVT package, I love the big stripes and 2010 wheel style on my Vert!

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^ Thats looks like an old pre production 07 GT500 video from a few years back.



Exactly. Old video of Carroll driving the 2007 GT500 drivetrain that's cloaked in a MGT body/trim.

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