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'68 GT500KR Convertible in Estate Auction - Norfolk, VA...

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Just found out about it this week and auction is tomorrow...


Maxwell Estate Auction


1968 Shelby GT500KR Convertible


A quick pic of it...




How much do you think it will go for? It is only one of 318 GT500KR convertibles built that year! Also, this guy had some other very nice cars they are going to be auctioning off. I want to go to the auction just to see how much it goes for, but I work until noon and the auction starts at 11. I'm going to be too tired coming off a 12 hour shift.

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Alright, well the auction started at $120,000 and no one bid. The owner wanted $180,000 minimum. Not sure if the car sold or not, I wasn't there and trying to get some info. However, the PRISTINE Lincoln that was there was stolen for a mere $6,000.

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I've noticed at the last B-J auction that the prices are down across the board on these cars. (all collector cars, not just Shelby) Sign of the economy, I guess.



Prices are down but not so much for the premnium cars. A buck twenty is a reasonable starting point. But, I thinks this is the wrong venue

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