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NEW style CS-8 grill (or cs6 or cs8 or whatever...)

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Thanks for the link, I've been wanting this grille style since I first saw it at a Shelby meet. But, I didn't like the intergrated driving lights, call me old.


Your link mentions some modifications and requirements...Will this grille work on a 2007 SGT?


I would hate to have to jump through the "it doesn't fit due to SGT modifications" rings of fire. Sending stuff back sucks.

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The cs8 version should fit fine, I would think the simplest fix is to get a grill shell from shelby too, but i suspect our sgt grills were already modified to accept the billet grill so it may just be a quick swap.


I'm still debating swapping...

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yep go figure I spent last weekend painting my stock upper and lower grill and then I found the same grill online at the Shelby store. Talked with Kameron and it wasn't in stock yet.

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I like that grill. I like the old one with the lights as well though. Oh well, either way I would have to buy another Shelby so that I could have a car to puti it on anyway. Another Shelby? Hmmmmmm....... :shift: A man can dream

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