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Killer Service from the Shelby Store again

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I've been buying Parts from the SPP/Shelby Store for quite some time, and have always had great experiences. I also love that they are up in Vegas, as most shipments pop up pretty quick.



I've run into a few small issues with Parts that were missing or incorrect, and have always been able to get a quick Answer and a quick Fix.






Thanks again guys!


:happy feet:

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Yes, Robert and Sharon have done a fantastic job of turning things around and having things run better than they ever have. Most parts I order, I have next day if ordered early enough. I deal with Juan and have had great experiences with him too. If something is missing or wrong, he gets it handled right away.



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Thanks for taking the time to comment about your experiences. Everyone here at SPP: Dolly, Kameron, Tim, April, Jonathan, Spence, Juan and Wendy are happy to assist you. smile.gif


We need a group photo.



"We need a group photo. "

Great idea Robert, how about one, so we can see who are the dedicated people behind the good customer service at the Shelby Store....



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