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Methanol injection

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LuLu is using Meth...


I just know someone here is going to report LuLu to local LEOs as using illegal drugs because of how I stated this, but it's "methanol", guys...Windshield washer fluids in primitave forms, eh? No meta-Phenylenediamine mind exploding chemicals involved, okay? But, it just my feeling...Someone will tag this....LOL!


That said...LuLu has a two gallon reserve Meth tank planted in her SGT reserve "spare" trunk. The pump is also likewise planted and boost activated at 5 Lbs of boost, and shows a increasngly bright LED light on LuLu's gauge panel. The more meth she adds, the brighter the LED.


If you understand how "Meth" (in this SGT xspecific setting) works, and what it does to our fuel systems, this alternate fuel supplement is very helpful in an "octane" challenged world such as Chicagoland, which is (if I may add) much worse than outside of Illinois. I'm lucky to find 91 octane OTR., thus this Meth octaine boost is quite beneficial.




So...What do you want to know about Meth?




BTW...Nothing is "free" anymore, you always pay it back somewhere...



You have a some stuff left over from another application?


IMHO...Warning! You may spend more pocket change to bring that application specific hardware stuff over to an SGT from another application, than what you will spend startng out fresh with a new SGT specific kit...IMHO.


At least, this has been my experience with LuLu's SGT stuff, and, with a lot of other stuff as well.

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Honestly, meth injection has it's place. In my opinion, it's best served in a drag racing application. Mac is right, however, it does increase your fuel's octane rating.

But it also assists in charge cooling. It's relatively safe to use, when plumbed and wired correctly, and can allow your tuner to increase performance by a nice margin.

From what I've read elsewhere though, you'll be filling your meth tank almost as often as you fill your fuel tank. If that's true, I can't imagine it being a great choice for either increasing octane or lowering intake temps on a daily driver. It could be a fun experiment though and if installed correctly would most definitely yield some nice gains.

Good luck.



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