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Whipple 2.9 with IW 10% Lower

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im tryin to put together a pulley combo for a 2010 GT500 with a Whipple 2.9....


i have talked to several people and it seems boost is varrying...on a stock motor car with a 2.9 Whipple kit, long tubes, off-road x-pipe, and catback....

i need to know what pulley combination will give me 18-19 PSI??? keep in mind, there is also a lower pulley setup in place.


which pulley will the car need...3.0, 3.25, or 3.5???


if i added rite...the 3.0 with 10% lower and full exhaust should total about 21 psi

...3.25 should be closer to 19 psi

...and the 3.5 should be about 17 psi


we are tryin to figure out which setup to run max boost on a Lund 93 octane tune.



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