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Comic Strip about Pricing

Five Oh B

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This is from the "Born Loser" comic strip by Art & Chip Sansom that was in the Sunday comics yesterday (3/19/06) here in the Seattle area (King County Journal). It was likely in your Sunday paper, too....


It is an exchange at a gas station between the attendant and a customer named Brutus...



Attendant: Hello, Brutus! What's up?


Brutus: Your gas prices!


Attendant: Gee, I don't think they're out of line!


Brutus: The prices posted at the station up the street are fifty cents less per gallon!


Attendant: They why don't you buy your gas from them?


Brutus: Because they're all sold out!


Attendant: Really? Well, next time I don't have any gas, I'll discount it for you, too!



Now, just substitute the word GT500 for gas in every line above, and you'll know why I found it so funny!

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