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Happy Birthday Vorpal

TRT 0403

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Hope you have a wonderful birthday, and thanks for all that you do to keep the bunnies rolling and Terlingua mayhem going!

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Damn, and I even had my calendar marked!! I had a crazy weekend...it was an all honey-do affair!


Anyways, Happy B-Day my friend! And maybe we can work on your grasp of the word Y-A-L-L at the next meeting!! :hysterical:


:happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:

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Hi You'll,


That's the western version of all you all for those wondering :hysterical


I really appreciate all the individual well wishes very much. Thanks!


I have been travelling for work - left the day after my B-day. I did drive the Terlingua too which is always great.


I would have responded sooner, but had no internet the last couple days...


You'll are the best.



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