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Look what i got today!

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Congrats Michael!!! I hope you're still keeping the Legend Lime though??






I am, too much love and history with the Limer



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I'm right behind you!!! :happy feet: :happy feet:


When do we really party??



The exact date is up to CARB, Roger, Gary P, Gary D, Cragar, FRPP, etc.........




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Look what i got today!



I was affraid you were gonna show us some type of rash or something....!!! I was almost affraid to open this thread.... :hysterical2:


just kidding........


congrats on your car..





Congrats Michael. Looking forward to seeing your GT350 in person.

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I'm old.........I need comfort!!



I'm with you Rick, ours is coming with the Comfort package, too. Gotta' have those seat warmers her in S. Calif! :hysterical:



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Does anyone ahve the tire information for the GT350s size etc..



Well, this is what the spec sheet has on it:


· Cragar 19” Wheel


· Goodyear Performance Tire



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265/40-19 Goodyear Supercar F1 G2 0n 19x9 Cragar wheels.


Hey Michael, you headed to SAAC-35? If so, are you running any of your cars and if so, what days? I just sent in my money and am set to go. Will be there Friday night and running open track all day Saturday.


Hope to see you and your beautiful new GT350.



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Heres car number #25. might be a low number but might release pretty late.


2011 Mustang - VIN 1ZVBP8CF1B5131461


Vehicle Details

Order and Transportation Related

Ordering Dealer Name: Joe Cooper Ford Of Tulsa

Ordering Fin Name:

Ordering Dealer Code: F52304

Ship to Code: F88KH7

Ordering FIN Code:

End-User FIN Code:

P&A Code: 04019

Region: 52

Order Type: Retail

Order Number: T006

Production Week: Jun-07-2010

Allocation Week: 20-2010

Special Order Number:

Special Build Code:


Priority Code: 40

Plant Name: Autoalliance International Inc

Price Level: 115

Invoice Date:

Purchase Order Number:


Emissions / Wind Tunnel Testing:

Fleet Incentive Program:

Route Code:

Sale Date:


Vehicle Related


Bodystyle: 2 Door Coupe-4 Lite

Drivetrain: 2 Whl L/h Rear Drive


Engine: Mod 5.0l-4v Dohc Sefi Na

Transmission: 6 Spd Man Trans-mt82


Exterior Color: High Performance White

Prototype Program Control 2011 Job #1 Program Control




Ordering Dealer: 3400 South Sheridan , Tulsa , Oklahoma , 74145 , (918).346.6578

Ordering FIN:

Ship Thru:

Ship To: Shelby Automobiles, Inc., 6755 Speedway Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89115

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