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Ford Racing Clutch?

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For a while Ford Racing sold the OEM clutch as a kit. The FR part was later updated to include the new post TSB steel flywheel and nickle coated hub clutch disk. This kit no longer shows on the Ford Racing part page.


Does anyone have the part number for that kit so I can do some searching for one? I do NOT want the newer organic disk 2010 clutch kit.


My OEM 2007 clutch is now approaching 30k miles and I do drive this car hard at times. I have driven a spec clutch and did not like it at all for a daily driver. No one I know has the Mcleod so better to go with what I know works for me, just the updated flywheel.


If anyone here has a post TSB OEM clutch kit for sale, post up as that would work also.

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