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Quiet Borla/Magnaflow with Headers

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after doin some homework, makin various posts, and taking a few weeks to really settle in on a decision about the ported blower combo, Whipple, or Hellion setup....i have decided to go the ported blower route for the fact that i really need to put my $$$ else where(new house, wedding, etc....) and i really dont wanna over do this car like the rest i have done in the past. i actually wanna be able to drive this one on the street!!!


with that said, i still plan to do the LT headers, off-road x, and catback.

originally i was gonna do the ARH headers, off-road x and 3" magnaflow catback but im not sure it will sound good since it wont have the air movement of a twin screw and i dont see the need for a 3" catback for the stock blower so i have decided on two other setups:


Headers/x-pipe: American Racing 1 7/8" headers w/ off-road x-pipe

: Kooks 1 7/8" headers w/ off-road x-pipe


*** i wanna go with the 1 7/8" setup incase i up the power later on***


Catback: 2.5" Borla Touring

: 2.5" Quiet Magnaflow


i have searched and didnt come up with any sound clips of any of these combos...


shoot me some opinions on what i should do.


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Here is what I am going to do:


1) Ultimate suspension kit

2) JLT intake

3) catch can

3) tint

4) Pulley and tune

5) side scoops

6) side window scoop (Super Snake)

7) FRPP strut tower brace

8) wheels at some point, but not priority over house


That's enough for me to sneak by the wifey while we plan for our home renovation and requirements.

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