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California Speedway May 17th - B&M Track Event

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Looks like Registration is still open today, maybe tomorrow.





American Muscle Car Challenge, Mustang Entries


Want to improve your skills as a driver and test the limits of your American Muscle in a safe, controlled environment?


B&M and Hurst are organizing a fun-filled track day at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California on Monday May 17th, 2010. The event will be a high-performance driving education featuring highly qualified instructors in your passenger seat offering invaluable tips on how to drive fast, drive safe, and have the most fun in your late model American Muscle car LEGALLY. Cost for the event will be $165.00, and will feature 4x 25 minute sessions on the INFIELD road course at California Speedway. Helmets of Snell M2000 or SA2000 or later standards are required, rental helmets will be available upon request for an additional fee, since this IS a high speed, high performance driving event. Basic tech inspection may be be required. Please complete the following form with a valid credit car to register for the event.





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