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New Terlingua Mods, but....


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...Done in 1/18th scale by my son. He's converting my mini version to more closely match the full-scale one with stock style interior and rear exhaust.


So far he just did the chassis and interior switch. Must get some correct Grabber Orange paint to match our interior and some darker gray for the Razor spokes.

He used a donor CS6 model for the parts swap. Making the louvers will be a challenge. Also will have to remove the door number.


(Modified version is on the left/stock on the right.)






Interior new (on top) and stock racing seats.




And what we have to color match from the full sized one..



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Thanks everyone!!! He's just 13 and we are very proud of his crafty work too. :D

Just wonder what will happen in a few years when he wants to start working on the full-scale ones. :o :lol:


I'll post more photos once he finishes the interior. He also has plans for the CS6 donor and just might change the body color to red.

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