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Sacramento Mustang car show pics


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Great cars, thnaks for sharing. Looks like your daughter enjoyed it also.


She especially liked when some of the cars got fired up.


Nice pics Ken, thanx for posting


I really like the Sunlit Gold '68 GT350 convertible.


Also one of my favorites. The 66 GT350's on hand were pretty sweet too.

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^The 65-66 GT-350 has been my favorite car since I was a little guy and it still is. When I first started restoring my 66 fastback, it was really very difficult not to build a clone car. But in the end, I decided that building a beastly, custom restomod would make me feel better than driving a clone around. And while that 66 of mine was sweet as can be, I still really want an original GT-350. Someday... :)

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