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My dream for my KR

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I had an opportunity to acquire a white KR convertible back in about 1993-94, the deal was trade my current Fastback KR, and my then '65 Sunbeam Tiger straight across for the KR 'vert.


I didn't do it then for these reasons,


1) It was an automatic, both my KR and Tiger were sticks, and I didn't want to give that up


2) Two cars for one...I had the KR fastback, badass!, And a wicked little convertible in the Tiger!


In hindsight, maybe I should've done it (but one cannot predict future value). It was a black plate California car, having been sold new at Hayward Ford, so it has resided its entire life in the Bay Area, with full history.


I still have the Fastback KR, the Tiger was sold in 1995 and now resides in Auckland NZ. (wife and kids wanted a swimming pool, :banghead: ) the sacrifices we make....

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