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Fabulous Ford's Forever

Shelby CS8

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Wow Brian! This pics are fantastic! Wish I had been at the car to close the hood and trunk when you took the pic...great meeting you again!



Are you going to grabber's event? I've about got my mind made up that I'm going to go, so if you are we can have a little photo shoot.




Damn, those are GREAT shots. You must have the Shelby of Camera's. Man, I must invest in a better camera.





Thanks Tom. We invested in a good Nikon when our first daughter was born.


Awesome pictures Brian!! You have some mad skills with a camera!


Good seeing you again!

Take care.



Thanks Dan. You got some good shots too.


I appreciate the tip on the cruise to SMS on Saturday too. I had a blast, except for that lovely LA traffic on the way there. :angry22:


You don't have the Canon 14mm L F2.8 do you?



It's a Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 D ED on a D700.

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Thanks Alex. It was nice to meet you too. I may go to Grabbers meet and greet, so maybe I'll get to see that new topless 2010 of yours.



I hope you do...If Leann/Rob come, Rob/Stephanie, Kahman, and some others from CA we can have a caravan and pick up others along the way...


I have a major OCD issue with building these cars...don't even have the 10 yet and have already spent $12K in parts, my cost....



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