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Just did a re-tune! Crossed the 700 mark!


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Hey guys, I just got my car back from Dynospeed Racing in Memphis, TN. I have to say that Joe@Dynospeed did a great job with re-tuning my car. Last week my #'s were WAY low after installing an Afco H/E and Lethal's O/R X. Well, Joe did a re-tune today and...........good lord, she is alive and kicking all over again!


- at KB install w/3" pulley = 697/629 (temps of 35 degrees in January)

- install of Afco H/E + O/R X (before re-tune) = 669/589

- today - retune with Afco H/E and O/R X = 704/631


Overview of today's tune:

a/f was around 11-11.4 (a little rich...but safe)

outside temp 74 degrees w/ 11% humidity

IAT's = 104-114 degrees (thank you Afco)

changed from 17 degrees of timing to 19


Joe drove the car himself and found no detonation and he did compliment me on my new exhaust setup...sounds VERY mean!



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