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2010 Tech help?

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I need a little help with a 2010 GT500.


Can anyone with a 2010 look at their left (drivers) side, upper radiator shroud bolt to see if there is a nut on the *outside* of the cold air feed tube that runs up to your air filter housing?


I noticed yesterday that there is a nut holding the shroud on and then the cold air tube grommet is just sitting on the bolt with no nut holding it on.


I want to know if they are all like that and Ford just uses the bolt as a pilot pin or if a nut is missing.


The cold air feed tube was loosely sitting on the housing and had a slight rattle. I was able to push it onto the air filter shroud/housing but if a nut is supposed to be there, my dealer will be getting a call.



Thanks in advance,


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