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anna ingravitto

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Hi there,


I just registered temporarly.. I do work for a film production company for TV commercials and are currently and urgently looking for a a WHITE SSC Aereo for a TV commercial for Corona beer to be shot in Rome this end of the month. If this exact car cannot be found, we are opened to consider others SSC as long as they are COUPE, and as light as possible (no black or intense colours). Since shoot would be in Rome the car needs to be in EUROPE.


Should you be able to help me ? ANy one knows of any white SSC in EUROPE???

I can of course send more info to any one interested.


Many thanks. Kind regards.


Anna Bonet




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You are in the wrong place for the car you are looking for. It is not made by Carroll Shelby. It is made by Jerod Shelby who is not related by blood or business with Carroll Shelby. Good luck with your hunt.



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If it is the Car I am thinking of, you might try contacting the Company that builds them directly. I don't think that many have been built yet so they should know where each one is located, what Color they are and how to contact the Owners.

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