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Has anyone been following the New show Justified ?? I'm a big fan of law enforcement show like NYPD Blue in all my years never met a detective that spoke with all those big words. But now JUSTIFIED is my kind of show thats how I wished my job was like. Last week was the best with the gangsters when he popped in to the back seat of gangster car and gives them options. He stole those moves from me. I use to give people options like if on a car stop and the driver pop a warrant or he was being stupid. I would say how would you like me to handle this. You can get out of your car like a gentleman or option # 2 is I grab you by your big head and drag out your window and I can't tell option # 3. But when those 2 gangster showed up and the one guy thought the marshal was a sucker. Then the marshal warned him not to come any closer or he will shoot him then the idiot thinks he's bluffing and pops the guy in the gut. Then he warns the other gangster either drop it or use it and blows a hole dead center of the guys heart. :salute: Those kind of actions would reduce alot of crime in my book.

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