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Skipping gears on downshifts - cause issues?

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A buddy with a C5 Corvette gave me a copy of Corvette Fever, one of the articles said that skipping a gear (5th to 3rd for example) would prematurely wear the transmission. Specifically one of the spacers or washers in the syncronizers.


Anyone heard of this and wonder if that is specific to that trans or if it would happen in my 05 Viper with a Tremec T56 transmission or my 2010 Shelby with a Tremec TR6060 transmission?


Any issues or hear of problems skipping gears when downshifting?

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I actually just started doing this and was wondering the same thing.


Shifting from 1st to 3rd to 5th and finally to 6th gear.





This is my typical shifting pattern up 1, 2 and straight to 6 unless in traffic. I downshift and skip gears all the time, never had an issue with any car.


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I have been using 1-3-6 on occasion too.. with all the torque available, rowing the gears all the time seems like extra work unless I want to enjoy the action and sounds. The Corvette trans absolutely had an issue and there was no mention of not matching revs. When I skip a gear downshifting I bring the rpms up to match or close when I shift and will let them fall before I let the clutch out.

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