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Mustangs Are Nice but I'd Rather Have A Shelby


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Went to church last night for a Good Friday service. Afterwards, on the way to the parking lot, there was a lady and some of her friends walking in front of me. She had parked her VW right next to mine and as she walked between her car and my car, her friends asked in wonderment with eyes wide open, "Is that yours?" She said "yes" not realizing they were referring to my Shelby.


Then she caught on to what car they were asking about. Then she said "No" The others asked whose car was it. Since I was standing there watching all this, I said it was mine. I got a few compliments and then they left to their own cars. The lady who owned the VW, said to me, "Mustangs are really nice, but I would much rather have a Shelby" I politely said, "It is a Shelby". "Oh" she said, "I guess I don't know my cars very well".


I didn't say anything more. However, in her defense, it was dark and cloudy.


Some may think I'm somewhat crazy for parking in a parking lot, but as of this morning, I have no DOOR DINGS!biggrin.gif

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At least she knew who and what a Shelby was.

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