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Car cover

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Roger...or anyone. i ordered a car cover and a oil seperator from the store. the website said that they shipped, but the tracking number is only for the Oil Block. Where is the cover or tracking number. Order # 8592


If I remember correctly the cover gets shipped directly from the manufacturer so I am sure you will get a different tracking number for it, don't quote me on that since it's been a while since I got mine

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yes i read that, but it says on the site that it shipped, but no tracking number. i will call sai


I never received a tracking number for any of my stuff, coming out of SPP or the drop ship. I got a box from SPP on Monday and a box with my car cover on Wednesday. A little shorter than the 4 weeks but I'm glad it's here. My wife walked through the garage and her mouth dropped, she even loved it. It was worth the investment as well as the 3 week wait from order to delivery. :mail: :happy feet:

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