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street sweepers are out


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Street sweepers are out, can't wait to spark up the car and take it for a chew.......one - two more weeks and the driving season starts....


Yes Sir, they've been out in Edmonton since yesterday as well....


Dealer has a date for the car, April 29th...ironically that's my Birthday....what a happy Birthday it will be if the Shelby is at the dealership....woohoooo.


Like you I can't wait, my wait is just a little longer.

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cool can't wait my insurance goes on tomorrow and it will be a good friday in more ways than one as it's supposed to be 16 and sunny..gonna take it for a rip



:happy feet:


I was thinking the same thing!!

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WoooHooo, Insurance went back on today for the season! Second time behind the wheel since Mid October, and it felt GREAT!


Same for me except I had a short run in November. Sure was hard to find my way to work!!! :happy feet: Managed to get 90+ miles for a normal 20 mile round trip. :shift::shift::shift: :happy feet:

Today I have got the oil changed. :shift:

Think there is a song with "Take the Long Way Home" It keeps playing in my head as I drive.



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