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Mustangs and Mustangs, April 17, 2010


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May be a little late for some folks, but this is a good one and a great venue! Fantasy of Flight is a wonderful museum located in Polk City, Florida. (right off I-4) Kermit Weeks has an extensive collection of flying and static classic aircraft, including several P-51 Mustangs. Expect aerial demonstrations by Kermit, lots of vendors, and tons of Mustangs.


April 17, 2010


I believe the deadline for registration is April 3rd...



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In 2005, I took the family to Disneyworld during the kids' school break. It just so happend to coincide with this show, so I arranged one of our "resting" days from the parks to be on the show day, and took my oldest daughter to the show. It was amazing... We started off at the museum and then went out to the show field.


I've been a subscriber to Mustang Monthly since '92, so I stopped by there tent to say hi. I told the guuy there that we came out all the way from California to see the show and he was like WOW. I told him not really, the show just happened to be on the same time as our vacation and he chuckled.


If we ever make it to Florida again, hopefully it will be during the same time as the show, as it is definitely worth it.



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