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427 engine casting number


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Gentlemen - I have a C6AE-B top oiler 427 block. Most books I've looked at claim that this block is suppose to be a side oiler. Mine does not have the two gallery plugs in the back of the block machined. My question to you guys is: did Ford make this casting both ways or do I have some kind of machining error? Here is a picture. Any help would be appreciated.





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C6AE-B is the correct serial number for a block destined to be a 427 side oiler; 1965-1966.

Top oiler blocks and side oiler blocks were two separate productions.

Occasionally a side oiler block with production issues was drilled by the factory as a top oiler to

rescue the block; so, no your block is not a mistake in machining. It was quite deliberate by the

factory. It doesn't happen a lot, but that's what you've got there. That the block retains the side oiler

serial number puts a little mystery into it. Now it's a factory amended top oiler 427.

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