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Performance White w/ Vist Blue Stripes


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I have had my GT500 for over a month now. I suppose I waited a long time before posting an arrival notice. I do want to give my very siginificant other her just due.


Around mid-2006, Carol (my wife- great name btw) and I had talked about what I would want in a GT500 if we ordered one. My only other ride for my entire life has been a 67 Mustang Fastback so I consider myself to be a Ford only guy. The choice for me came down to Performance White w/ Vista Blue stripes, Vista Blue w/ Performance White stripes or Grabber Orange w/ performance white stripes. Eventually, I told her that I would want the classic choice: performance white w/ vista blue stripes. Only other option I wanted was the Sirius radio since I am a football nut. Have not listened to it much.


Back in the mid 90's Carol had worked with a person who is now in a high Management position overseeing a chain of West Coast Region Auto dealerships. She contacted him to inquire about the possibiity of us landing one. He said he would see what could be done. She passed along the details of what we wanted and waited. As the months past and no word back I felt that maybe it was better that I didn't get a GT500. After all, I needed a comuter car for work. Think Honda Civic DX. I mean I did need something that would be reliable and get me some good gas mileage. Around mid-October I had my first sighting; she was a Torch Red w/ Performance White stripes. I could not believe it. The itch was back. I must of watched "Germany" 10 times a day for the next 6 weeks (still check it out every now and then). Every few days I'd ask my wife have you heard anything from Mr. D (would like to keep this person anonymous)? She said, "no" and I sort of relegated myself to the fact that I was not getting one.


On Thursday November 30 my wife told me she was going out with her friend for dinner. I didn't think much of it but for some odd reason I kept looking out the window thinking she would pull up with my GT500. She came back several hours later as if it were an ordinary night. I went to bed with the GT500 not on my mind. Friday came and was a usual work day. It was my wifes turn in the rotation to pick up my baby daughter (Cadence) from my parents house. I figured I would go and pick her since Carol had to start getting ready for an international business trip departing the next morning. I told my wife I would go pick up the baby but she was insistent on doing it herself. She convinced me to wait and we would pick her up together. About 30 minutes later she picked me up at our place but she had a friend with her. Carol told me her friend needed a ride and we would drop her off near my parents place. As we approached my parents neigborhood my wife was on the phone with someone saying, "Yeah were almost there". We then passed her friends court and pulled into my parents court and I am saying, "Hey you just passed...." Then I saw her, exactly how I imagined her but even more fine in person. She was the most beautiful piece of automotive machinery I had ever seen. An early Christmas gift from my wife. One that can never be topped. What can be better than one's dream car. I will have no qulams with whatever ride she wants down the road.


My next door neighbor is a Mustang Man too. He's been trying to pry me loose of my 67 Fastback. I can't let it go. He owns a V6 2006 and is in awe everytime I pull up. I owe him a ride still. It's the least I can do. May even let him drive it. Afterall, every Mustang Lover ought to get behind the wheel of a GT500 at least once in his life.

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