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Powered By Ford Show at the Shelby American Collection 15-May-2010


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Just a reminder to those in the Greater Denver area that the annual show at the Shelby American Collection will be on Saturday 15-May. I don't have a written thing and there isn't anything on their site yet. I usually show up around 8:00-9:00 to get a good spot, register and then walk to the store and get a cup of coffee.


This is a "powered by Ford" show, so there will be lots of Mustangs, a few Cobras, and some Tigers and Panteras.


The entry fee also gets you admission to the museum for the day.


Directions and info at www.shelbyamericancollection.org


Come on down!

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This year's show was sparsely attended. The weather started out cloudy and cool over the region so some of the folks from other areas were no shows.


There was not a single Cobra there (except for the ones inside the museum :) )


I didn't take very many pictures. Just some overall group shots. Photos follow in next two posts.

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The surprise was this group of "flatheads" that all came in together. They didn't register or hang around. They were pretty "primitive" condition, not show cars but they sure looked cool.





Group shot




The Galaxy 500 first in this row was a 64 R-code 427 car. Obviously ordered as a racer - "heater delete".




GT350's were well represented.







Only one GT500-Classic.




More group shot. Last year this side was filled.



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The entry fee includes museum entry. There were lots of cars that weren't there this time. Some of the cars were in Canada (the Daytona Coupe and the red Ferrari, among others) and some others were checked out for the summer. In fact, CSX2052 was leaving soon.


This was a new feature though.













The weather wasn't great all the time. I got this shot of a thunderhead building up in the east. (I just turned the camera behind me and snapped.)




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