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Deatiled the Terlingua!


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Its done! :happy feet:


A number of folks asked for follow-up on detailing the Terlingua.


So here goes:


I did the interior first. Used a leather conditioner on the seats and all leather surfaces, vinyl/rubber conditioner/cleaner on most other interior surfaces. This of course after a good vacuuming. Ditto for under the hood. Nothing unique here.


The exterior is a bit more of a story. First, the car is black basically, with about 30% dedicated to Good Awful Yellow and about 15% stickers, stripes, meatball, etc and Lucifer on the deep draw hood. This is of course the fastest color combo - black heats up and floats slightly off the ground while God Awful yellow hood allows cooler air into the SC... LOL. Sorry ya'll could not resist this one.


I started by rinsing first and then using a Foam Gun and Car Bathe and extreme foam mixture. This is apllied all over and left to sit for about 90 seconds and a microfiber mitt is used to clean gently while applying more foam to all areas while washing/using the mitt. Rinse well. Use a wash bucker with dirt seperator and a rinse bucket for each section.


Wheels were then cleaned with wheel cleaner and wheel wells using a boars hair brush and wheel spoke tool on wheels. Soaked wheels first with wheel cleaner, than the brush and tool and rinse.


Next came the clay bar and lubricant - works great - but not on any stripes or stickers.


Next, blue painters masking tape on all vinyl, door rubber etc - takes time...


Next came a non-abrasive high gloss polish used for preparing the car for waxing/sealant and removing any remaining water spots etc. The high quality car bath and a Cobra guzzler towel for fast water removal made sure there were no water spots after rinsing the car bathe off. Again no polish on stripes or stickers.


Next came a high quality sealant, applied with micro fiber applicator as was everything, let sit for 45 minutes and micro fiber towel off. No stripes or stickers.


Next the highest quality carnuba wax with oils. This stuff is amazing and after much research was used on stickers, stripes, Lucifer, everything and worked marvelously and was easy to get off leaving no residue on the stripes etc.


Microfiber everything off. Treat all pads and micro fiber towels with good rejuvanative cleaner.


Next - high temp wheel sealant from Showcar Steve - who is very helpful and answered many questions and has great products from this site! Apply this also with microfiber pad and clean with micro fiber towel.


Total time about 8 hours exteruior and about 4 hours interior.


Results are amazing it glows.


If you want specific product info PM me. I do not want to advertise on the site heavily. The waxes/sealant were German made, expensive but the best I have ever used. Ditto for Showcar's products the best.


I was really in the dark regarding this car and its care prior to lots of calls and emails and asking lots of advice. My idea of 'detailing" prior to car car - which is done for my other cars which are POS's is wash and turtle wax nothing more. I learned allot and it is worth all these steps.




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Well, my well meaning friends.


We have a doc nashing his teeth, a wrench doc getting oiled up - too funny...


Okay, Okay I will try and get Reine to take some pics tonight. We both were done for the day yesterday after two big projects. Will then post them this evening.


Tell Smithers to call off the hounds. :hysterical:


I am so pleased the Terlingua was as easy to detail as it was.


Oh, and my efforts at ditching my dislexia paid off - NOT. :banghead:





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Looks great. Glad you like the wheel seal.





Love it in fact - the gleam on the razors from your seal is amazing! Look forward to getting more of your products and again thanks for answering ALL my questions. Check out the pic in the other thread about detailking the Terlingua all to see the razors with Showcars product!



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