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GT500s for sale!


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Offering two 2010 Shelby GT500s for sale in Plymouth, NC

First is a White/Red Stripe Coupe with Navigation(Electronics Package), and GT500 cover. MSRP $50,745 Our Price $48,066.24

Second is a Red/White Stripe Convertible, Electronics package, HID Headlamps, Car Cover. MSRP $56,270 Our Price $52,807.24


email me at efeyer@feyerford.com


FYI, if you do not like/agree with the prices I posted thats fine just dont buy the car. If you are serious and want a great car for a good price give me an email and we will talk. We are a small family run dealership and we are just like everyone else who is trying to run a business and make some money. I know there may be some GT500 somewhere for less if thats the case go buy that one. These cars are available and that is the point of this post. So take a look if you are interested. Thanks


Eric Feyer


Feyer Ford and Mercury



Photos are listed online under new inventory.

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Eric, respectfully, sales posts are restrected to the classified ad forums. You already have a post in that forum for your cars, so I am going to close this one.

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