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Here's my seatbelt theory . . . . .

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Every time my son and I get out in the GT 500 his seat belt locks up on him. Of course, it's generally because I've just tromped it and jumped sideways in the road or left a small patch of Goodyear at the intersection. Also, with the size he and I are, there's not a lot of play left in the belts to begin with..... He calls the seat belts in the car "anticipatory" as in they anticipate violent action and the trembler or whatever locks them up. My theory is the seat belts hear the supercharger wind up and go, "Oh boy, we're gonna go fast! Everybody hang on!" Well, it is MY theory, anyway!


I guess it's more the action of the car instead of the attitude of the seat belt tensioner that causes them to lock up. It never happens in my F-150!


BTW, it's 66 degrees here and the sun is shining! Top down on the way back to work!

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