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$2500.00 FIRM.


Vintage Burgundy, red interior. 289 2v, C-4 auto. Bought the car in 2006 after trying since 1995 to buy it. Wanted to make a TRT clone car from it but am now tired of looking at it. I am 31 years old and have been around this car for the last 22. It was owned by my best friends dad, which gave it to my best friends sister when she turned 14 (she now 33). I was the last person to drive it in 1995 when the fuel pump went out, they parked it beside the barn and it sat there till I bought it in 2006.


In 2006 I bought a battery, fuel pump, fuel line, fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. Installed them and fired her up for the first time in 11 years. Motor was strong, trans worked great, but no brakes, used the emr brake to drive it 19 miles home. Noticed water pump seeping when I parked it, so I replaced it, well kindof. I never put it all the way back together, and just pushed it in the garage. That is where it sat until November of 2009 when I pushed it outside to make room for the wifes 2010 v6.




The Good:

The motor and trans are numbers matching for the car. They have also never been apart. Has factory A/C, factory PS, interior is original, except carpet was laid over original carpet in the 90's. Has turn signal hood, and all electrical items in car work (well did when I parked it).


The Bad:

The car is a vinyl roof car, and after all these years the roof started bubbling under the vinyl, so I tore it off and the roof is rotten. This is the only rust on the car, floor pans, torque boxes all good, shock towers good. battery tray is rusted out from a battery exploding in '93. Her ex boyfriend kicked a basket ball size dent in the door when they were in high school, the driver door has been replaced, but the original tag was relocated to it.


The roof will have to be replaced, although I do have a donor roof that will go with car, I also have the original A/C compressor that is not on car.










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