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Happy customer

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Being new here and reading several threads about the store, I thought I'd post my first experience.


I ordered a billet hood pin kit, pony grille emblem, custom GT-H floor mats and a Shelby shirt on 2/18. The hood pins and pony arrived in about a week, and I was expecting the floor mats to take several weeks per the notes on the website. I was quite suprised when the floor mats arrived less than a week later. Yesterday I got an email letting me know that the shirt is on backorder, which was nice because I was beginning to wonder if it had been forgotten. I thought it was funny that of all the things I ordered, a shirt would take the longest to arrive!


The only thing I would suggest as an improvement is the online 'my account' status. I had checked it a couple times, and it always showed each item as 'processing'. Even now each item still shows 'processing', even though all I'm waiting on is the shirt. Updating the status to 'shipped' or 'complete' as each item is sent out, or 'back ordered' would be a nice touch.


I'm very satisfied with my first Shelby store purchase, and I'm sure it won't be my last.

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Hey Tom...So the Mod Fever begins.... :mail: ....It never really ends.


How did the pipes sound? Did you notice any difference?


I've got so little time in the car so far, that I can't remember how it sounded when I first got it. It definately sounds good now though! Thanks again!


I had already signed up to take Saturday off work for something, but it's supposed to be so nice that I'm changing my plans and will be driving Chuckanut Drive instead. Finally the wife will get her first ride in the car, and it'll be my first ride just for fun rather than to work, the shop, lunch, etc.. It's supposed to get near 60 so I think I'll drop the top for the first time, turn on the heater and crooooz!

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I have ordered several times from Shelby and have always recieved my stuff in a timely manner. In Jan I ordered the Shelby awning and some chairs, all arrived within a week. Last week on thursday I ordered a bunch of "goodies" (as the wife puts it) to take advantage of the 15% and I received everything today, the GT hat was B.O. but I had gotten an e-mail from Kameron telling me about it, ...........good customer service I think!

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I've had no problems with orders. Always delivered in a timely manner.


I sencond that !!! :superhero:


Team Shelby Delivery time is so good I can't put it into words.


I buy and buy and buy.


Gotta love the discounts when they come around. :salute:


Thank you Team Shelby!

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