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need FORD 351 INTAKE PART # D1ZX-9425-DA

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looking for a intake for a FORD 351 part # D1ZX-9425-DA


it needs to be stock!!! no port jobs

rebuilding a engine and need it asap



I have 2 Pt# DOAE- 9425-1 not sure what year they are for but both are A-1

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:shift: as the DA intake was over the parts counter only.... I DO have a -CA real Boss intake that has been ground under the carb mounting area to accept a square bore holley.. these work fine this way and you can use motorcraft 4300 spreadbore carb -or holley 4150. no other grinding has been done on this, also the -DA intakes are way high in $$ IF THE boss intake wont do for you Blue thunder does make a copy of the -DA.. My intake is 600 dollars with a clear satin ceramic powder coat ready to use.. I do NOT sell junk. Look me up on ebay as animaldon Tnanks animaldon31@yahoo.com

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