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Difference in clutch pressure?

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Before I bought a 2008 I test drove a 2010 I could not believe how light the clutch was very little pressure required to push the clutch in. the one thing I hated about my 2008 GT was how hard it was to push in the clutch especially when I was stuck in traffic. the clutch in the GT500 is much better then my old GT but nothing like a 2010. two weeks after I got the GT500 the clutch started to make noise when I put it in reverse looks like it was time to have the TSB done. so I went to the dealer and the SVT tech looked at it and said the TSB had to be done. the parts came in and 3 days later my car was ready. I was curious how the clutch would feel I was hoping for one of two things that the hissing noise would be gone or the clutch would feel something like the 2010. I pushed in the clutch and it was just like the 2010!happy%20feet.gif very little pressure but it still made the hissing noise. so I left the dealership was going back home enjoying the new clutch little did I know I had a hydraulic leak. I was a mile from my house when I heard a loud noise like something broke and the car would not go into any gear and the clutch went loose had to push the car off the road. I called roadside assistance and got it back to the dealership they fixed it in 2 hours the clutch was back the way it was before. the clutch was fun while it lasted about twenty minutes I was really pissed I don't think I will let them do any more work on my car in the future.

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