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Who has succeeded?

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I am wondering who has succeeded in getting Shelby to warranty their stripes for the fallout issue, especially on the 2007 models. I have them approving replacement of my hood scoop, but not wanting to do anything with the stripes. So simply who has succeeded in getting stripes redone?



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I had my Scoop replaced along with my hood. It took 4 months of waiting for stripes. Finally the dealer painted the hood stripes on and it was cheaper then putting the sticker back on. The stripes form Ford Racing/Shelby cost $270, paint was cheaper to mix up, and wont fade after 3 years.

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Please review the following:





And read through this thread. Feel free to post your request there as well.




For the benefit of all I'm trying to keep all stripe information and experiences in a single thread which is why it was created and pinned.



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