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2010-2011 Brake Cooling Duct Cutouts


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Yes there is, just like the 07-09 GT500's, but the 2010 has them in the outside corners of the lower grille.

We are working on a grille bezel for the hole and will have a brake cooling kit out shortly.


Our 07-09 Grille bezels will not work, but we are working on a custom set for the 2010-2011.


Right now you couls cut the holes and install the brake cooling kit, but the grille wouldn't have the finished look.


I'll have more info in a few weeks.



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I know one of you has had the splash gaurd out and checked to see if the 2010 has the duct mounts on the backside of the grille to facilitate modifying the grille for the duct openings. Are they there?



Jay is working on them. It looks like Ford had put them on the 2010 too far on the Left and Right side that it's not so easy to modifying them. But yes they have them to answer your question. If you can wait to the 11th of March then I or Jay can give you a answer on this because he will start working on my car at the 10th to find out if it will work or not.

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