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"suede" care


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What are you guys using to clean the fake suede on the steering wheel.

Also, what do use on the tires for a low gloss "shine"--thanks



That material is called Alcantara and the manufacturer recommends a damp white towel (don't want to use anything that could potentially transfer any die/color onto the surface) for general maintenance. I've also used Leather Masters foam cleaner which is designed for suede and Alcantara cleaning as well.


Edit: For tires, I think you want to stay away from anything with silicone in it as that has a tendency to turn the tires that ugly brown color. For my tires, I like to use 303 Aerospace Protectant as it gives them a nice natural look (I'm not into the shiney black look as it's been my experience that that stuff slings up onto/under the wheel wheels). This is also a great product for use in the engine compartment and interior as it produces a natural appearance, dries without a greasy feel, is highly dust repellant and provides UV protection.

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I'm not help on the Alcantara, but Mcnasty's recommedation sounds good.


For tires I like Meguiar's Endurance tire shine. It's a gel and is really good about not slinging all over the side of the car, also lasts a few weeks at a time with one application. It will not brown the tires and goes on pretty easy, plus it smells like grapes :hysterical: Put on one coat for a low gloss shine and follow up with a second for a higher gloss shine. http://www.meguiarsdirect.com/detail/MEG+G7410



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sorry to thread jack; alloydroptop-where and how much ?


When I bought it, they sold it direct, but now looking at their website it looks like they push it thru distribution, yet no reference on the website where to get it. I guess try contacting them to see who they have distributing. Sorry....


One of the best things I forgot to mention is since it drys clear, none gets on the car cover.

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