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How Long does it take to build a Super Snake?


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You did not specify what shop is completing your SS.


My gal was completed in 6.5 WEEKS @ SAI - Vegas.


I was shocked! and I had a lot of upgrades.


2008 Shelby GT500 - convertible - black


My SS package and upgraded options:


630HP TVS tune


1. UPGRADED - Shelby Shifter

2. UPGRADED - REAR matching 6P BAER brakes - RED

3. UPGRADED - SHELBY cooling package - black anodized reservoirs.

4. UPGRADED - complete leather interior - silver stitching - silver perforated centers. very nice!

5. UPGRADED - leather shifter boot & SS leather center console = new SS logo badge. very nice!

6. UPGRADED - DYNOTECH one-piece aluminum drive shaft

7. The most updated last generation SS hood. = great NEW redesign! = heat extractor - like the 1968 GT500

8. "KR" trunk liner. - installed @ SAI.

9. "KR" rear axle reservoir. - installed at SAI.

10. SHELBY complete pedal set - installed @ SAI.

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Thanks, and I'll let you know at the end of this month.

Guy F.


Mine was no where near that long and it was waiting on a few of the new upgrades to be available for atleast a month. I think mine only took 3 months and they had to send it back through the line for some of the new stuff.

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Hey all, Thanks for the information, looks around 3 months is the normal.


Guy F.




I was almost 6 months as well. Paint was the big hold up on my build. In the end it was totally worth it. I love my car. I don't regret missing a driving season to have this done to my car. It would have been nice to have my car in over a winter, but that isn't how the timing worked out for me. Oh well. I am really looking forward to getting her out of storage soon.




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