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Spring cleaning pics


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I did some spring cleaning on the ol' Stang, and wanted to share some pics with everyone. Here are the steps I used to clean the car. I used Car Show Detail products and applied them by hand.


Started with a good wash.

Then scrubbed the ground effects w/ simple green.

Clay barred the car.

Then used a scratch and swirl remover.

Followed by a polish.

Then a glaze.

Finally to finish the outside, I used a Carnauba wax.

Next I pulled each wheel off and scrubbed it w/ simple green.

Used a tire shine on the tire.

Chrome polish on the wheels, followed by a coat of wax.

On the interior it was just a good vacuum, and Turtle wax "ICE" on the leather and dash. Finally I cleaned all the glass and took some pics. I hope you like them.





















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Absolutely Stunning!!!


I wish I could say Spring Cleaning timein Columbus Ohio but still "enjoying" record snowfalls. Anyway, really enjoyed your pics. Gave me something to look forward to in 6-8 weeks.



Thanks, and yeah, I wasn't thinking about you snowed in guys when I was writing my title to the tread. Sorry. lol We don't get snow here.


Looks great!



Thank you sir.


awesome..... nice photoshop work!





You did all that in 1 day ?



About 12 hours over 4 days. I even scrubbed the wheel well plastic when I had the tires off. I waxed the underside of the hood and the trunk too. It's absolutely perfect right now. It's going to be a shame to drive it, but someone has to. :shift:

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Awesome job! I love a black car when it's all detailed up! If you like the Ice, try some Wizard. I think you'll be impressed. It works amazing on black paint. I used Ice until another Shelby member told me about Wizard. The Wizard seems to not attract the dust as much as other products, like Ice. You do have a nice eye with the camera. Send some of that sunshine this way!





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Neat pictures! That HDR is pretty cool I've never seen that before. Is that done on photo shop?

O, your car is awesome, very well done. :rockon:


Thanks a lot. HDR photos are awesome! Basically you take the same picture at 3 different exposure settings. +2, 0, -2.






If your camera has auto bracketing, it makes this a lot easier. The trick is to not move the camera, not even a little. A fast camera, or a tripod helps. Then I use a program called Photomatix PRO to merge and "tone map" the images. There are a bunch of different settings from wild to mild.


The idea is that each different exposure better captures different parts of the picture. With a +2 exposure almost everything is washed out, except the shadows. A 0 exposure is what you would normally take a picture at and shows all mid-tones really well. Then the -2 is really dark, except the sky has good color. Mix the three together for each of their best parts and it gets good.



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Awesome pics, phenomenal results!!


I will be going thru the same ritual and of course I will be using Steve's products too.... He is the Detail King!!





:happy feet:


Good lord! I didn't use THAT many steps. I look forward to your results.


That trim detail is great on the mirrors, rocker panels, black lower portion of the rear bumper, but the car show dressing made cleaning the front grill a breeze. Just spray it on and wipe off the excess.


I've got that same invisible glass too, it's great stuff!

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Absolutely fricken amazing!!!! Want to come to Illinois and do mine when Spring really gets here? :hysterical3: Great photo work too!



Thanks Mike! I don't know where in IL you are, but that is where CarShowDetail is located. You could have Steve, the man himself come do it.

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Looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I never did mine that detailed this year, I did the end of last last year though. I will again this year. It only got 4k miles on it this year so the 4-5 coats of Zaino is still good to go, the water sheds off it when I wash it.


On thing I forgot was to wax my wheels, have to do that this year as well.

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