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GT500 pair for $160K


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Oops...I accidentally hit the "buy it now" button - Doh!




It's funny that they are going through some company "Ibuyz" to sell them instead of listing their dealership which is in Livermore, Kentucky. ("Bob" Evans wouldn't be happy with you guys. wink, wink)


Anyway unless they find some guy with money to burn..they'll probably end up selling them separately.

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I like how there are so many things in their description that are just flat wrong.


My biggest pet peeve....car dealers who don't know their product.




Isn't that the truth!! I stopped into a local dealer (not the one I normally buy from) last week and the salesman INSISTED that it now takes 500 miles to activate the s/c! They also had a KR in the showroom which he also insisted that was only made in 2008. I mean sometimes it is so disappointing to say the least.

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