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blip toons


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The easist way to resolve your request would be to ask Blip to post all of his drawings in the gallery section.

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Thanks for the interest and that's a good suggestion for adding them to a gallery. :D


Now just to make the time to find the files and upload them. :headscratch:

(I've got 1000's of image files with not the best organized folder system on my PC). :banghead:

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No hurry my friend, take your time.


Good suggestion Enis, however I'm all for keeping them right here on the Terlingua forum. But I'm selfish like that!slapfight.gif


If you cant be bothered to check here then you just miss out! hysterical.gif



Sean - you need to remember that not all of us have as much free time on our hands as you! Give the guy a chance... :redcard:

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Well, here are a few of my very old ones. (Not sure about using gallery as I don't feel right

in having my toons appear in the preview header for the forums.)

I would rather keep more of a low key profile and just stay here in our Terlingua world.


Maybe we'll just call this the home of my Toon Garage. :D


Hope it's okay that I've included some non-Terlingua toons.


This one is the first toon I made after learning a new digital drawing style.

Just compare it to the 3 below that were created using my older technique.







This one was part of a series of New-old Trans Am racers, (I also did Camaro and Challenger toon versions too.)


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Terlingua doodling stuff...







Done back when I had first ordered the base package--shows the "Pony Package" front end with black spoke 18" rims...



A 2010 "Terror Rabbit Racing" model...


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More Link and Terlingua stuff...



One of my Favorites.



A pencil doodle I never finished. (I almost never post any of these pencil drafts unless I finish the digital version.)



Along with a "Killer" Cobra pencil doodle too.




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great work

i'm with Sean keep it here we don't want the uninitiated to view our Terlingua stuff

Having a Bunny made for the Bentley

Terlingua is a state of mind

Doc Scott



"Having a Bunny made for the Bentley

Terlingua is a state of mind"


Now there is something you do not see everyday!


Man after my own heart! :salute:


Roll Buinnies,




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Thanks to all my "Terlingua-ista "friends. :D


So we'll keep this as our own lil' art garage.

(And Doc Scott--it just so happens there is another pencil doodle in my sketchbook

of the more appropriate Turbo R Bentley with Link at the wheel.)

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks!!! :D (TacR--guessing then you like the color shade...) :rolleyes: ;):lol:


And if you happen to be going to the Shelby Fest in Herman, MO. later this month, you may even get a chance to

color in a few of my new doodles. I was asked to provide a few CAR-toon designs for "kids" to color.

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Okay saw that it was getting "quiet" again in the quiet thread., so here's a fun family project. Did these line art drawings to be used as coloring sheets for the

Shelby Fest event later this month. Now fire up the printer and break out the colored pencils and crayons for some coloring fun.


(Wish I had been around during the SAAC Fools day stuff, I've been a member there for years and was well aware of their past April pranks--the safari "Zebra" GT 350 is a favorite.)









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