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Shaker 1000 bass removal

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I can never hear any bass coming from my trunk speakers. When I open the trunk they are working but not enough so I can hear up front. All I hear are the front door bass speakers. I have tried several settings.


Today I removed the trunk bass unit to run a wire and found out how much it weighs. Why carry that weight around if you get no benefit. No, I don't need better speakers or sysytem. This one is just fine for me. No, I don't want to sell it.


Question: can I remove the trunk bass unit without doing harm to the system? Should I disconnect the amps too?


Thanks in advance, Greg

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Mine will rattle the windows out! I removed it one time for the track and it did not hurt a thing, radio still sounded great. Weighs about 45 pounds so I'm leaving it in for the next track day.




quote name='08SGT1591' date='16 February 2010 - 05:34 PM' timestamp='1266359664' post='910645']

Thanks for responses. Yes the menu says "on". Have adjusted it many times.


I just wanted to make sure if I disconnected it that I wouldn't burnout anything in the tuner.




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