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Free TRT shirt.


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That's right, a free TRT, I bought it when I was at the Terlingua event and I was a big boy so now having lost 68LBS there is no use for it. I'd rather give it to someone who may use it. It is still in the plastic bag, never got taken out. Just PM me and I'll send it out. :dance:


EDIT- Shirt already got spoken for by a TS member.






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Nice job! Wish I could lose 68 pounds.




You too can, I went from 268 to 200 in 9 months- I did Crossfit and changed the way I eat but I still drink beer in which I know I'd probably lose a few more LBS but hey :beerchug:


Check out what Crossfit is all about, just go for your free trail workout in your hometown Crossfit Box (gym) and see if its for you. Workouts are like 20-25 mins max, quick and to the point and never the same thing which I like. I like the whole group workout, kind of reminds me of my military days :rockon:


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