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$145 Axle backs!! *pics*


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So I just cannot see paying $400-800 for a set of mufflers! I had a couple 180* 2 1/2" bends left over from my last turbo build so i decided to build a set of axle backs for my Shelby:banana:


Like I said I had a U-bend left over so I didn't have to buy one, I took it to a local muffler shop and had each end expanded before I started so it would slip over the stock exhaust tubing. I then ordered a set of Flowmaster single chamber knock offs from ebay, I used a set on my Camaro SS and loved the sound so I thought for the price and quality I remembered why not try them out.

The PAIR of mufflers on ebay were $49.99 plus 14 bucks to ship.. I bought a 4" stick of 3/8" round stock from Lowes to make the hangers, ($5) and two feet of 3 1/2" Stainless steel tubing to make the tips (i polished after cutting) from Columbia River mandrel bending for $14/ft. plus 10 bucks for shipping.. I also picked up a set of stainless u-bolt style exhaust clamps from autozone and i had some black high temp paint already. I have a small wire feed welder as well as a large tig welder and a few other fabricating tools so i cut, fit and welded up a very nice set so axle backs for a LOT less than any other set out there. Not knocking any of them just cannot see spending that kind of $$ on something that does nothing but sound. Ill post a sound clip tomorrow when there is some day light.


Heres a price break down..

Mufflers- 63.99 shipped Super flow 1 Chamber muffler Race 2.5" free flowing : eBay Motors (item 190372293555 end time Feb-20-10 16:25:14 PST)

180* Bend $24 shipped (i think shipping was like $10) 2.50" Mild Steel, 3.75" Radius, 180 Degree Mandrel Bend Columbia River Mandrel Bending

2' of 3.50 $40 shipped 3.50" OD, 16 Gauge, 304 Stainless Straight Tube Columbia River Mandrel Bending

3/8" round stock from Lowes $5

2 Exhaust clamps from autozone $13


I could have built them entirely out of stainless but we dont have a lot of moisture here in the desert and when it snows they dont put road salt so rust isn't a big issue, also i would have been about twice the price. The paint will keep it from rusting any ways... Enjoy..


Heres some pics, vid will come shortly









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Welcome to Team Shelby!


Very innovative! Nice job man. I feel the same way you do about the prices of the mufflers these days. In the 90's I bought a set of Thrush Turbo mufflers for my '72 that cost $40 and sounded great! The whole custom aluminized dual exhaust with H-pipe cost me $350!



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